Enzo Performance is PERMANENTLY CLOSED.

As of the end of 2016, Enzo Performance is closed. It is not operating under a different name, under new management, or at a different location. This decision is permanent and affects all business operations related to Enzo Performance.

The shop location at 52 Otis Street in West Babylon has been completely shut down.

The Enzo Performance website was shut down as well, but was copied and reposted under a different URL without the permission of Enzo Performance and is being used to fraudulently give the impression that Enzo Performance has reopened under a slightly different name. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

In addition, Enzo Performance’s YouTube channel is being maintained without the permission of Enzo Performance. The videos hosted on Enzo Performance’s YouTube channel are the property of Enzo Performance and their continued usage as an advertising tool is NOT AUTHORIZED.

This website and all of the text, images, and other content contained within remain the property of Enzo Performance. Any website or business entity other than www.enzoperformance.com using any of the content including logos, text and/or photographs is doing so without authorization or permission. Below are a few examples of pictures from the original Enzo Performance shop; any other site advertising using these photographs is doing so fraudulently, and you should be aware that the shop pictured no longer exists:


Thank you for reading and for your support.